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Wendy Chan

Contact details m: 07909911443


Visual &Textile Art

Year Group Specific

Foundation, KS1 to KS4

Workshops ready to deliver
  • How the workshop links to the curriculum: I have workshops incorporating art and craft skills/techniques within my current themes of Recycling/3 R’s, Nature, Materials and Culture. Projects can be developed using Screen, Block/Relief Printing, Feltmaking, Drawing, Painting, and various Reusing 3D Sculpting technqiues.
  • Duration: from 1 hour to as many weeks as you require.
  • Group size they can be delivered to: Min 4, max 30
    size of room required: 8m x 5m min (depending on size of group)
  • Any facilities required: Depending on activities access to water may be required. Also note work can range from whole class to small group work which may require additional space.
DBS & Insurance details

Portable DBS & PLI secured available on request.


Every term

Do you work to commission or collaborate with schools on bespoke workshops:

I collaborate with schools to tailor and develop any workshops for new projects, themes and curriculums.


To follow


‘Dave is marvellous, simply marvellous.'

Nathaniel Fogg, Head Teacher at Fogglights High School