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Quite Contrary Pottery Jennifer Holtridge

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Pottery, photography, visual arts

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I can provide a workshop in school, nursery or college linked to the curriculum at any key stage.

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Previous topics have included; Mayan Pots, Roman jugs, Anglo-Saxon bowls, African masks, Easter crosses, WWI medals, Antony Gormley: Field for the British Isles sculpture and installation, Gordon Baldwin (from Lincoln) form and pattern, Grayson Perry colour and self portraits.

  • How the workshop links to the curriculum: all workshops will make links to the science curriculum -materials and their properties, and also Maths- geometry, shapes and fractions. Alongside the art curriculum and often history.
  • Duration: from 1 hour to full days
  • Group size they can be delivered to: max 9-10 learners at a time size of
  • Room required: N/A
  • Any facilities required: area may get dusty but aprons and table coverings can be provided.
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Portable DBS & PLI secured



Do you work to commission or collaborate with schools on bespoke workshops:

I collaborate with schools to provide what they need.

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See website