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Charlotte Portier-Tock

Contact details

Tel: 01724 871038 Mob: 07845100410


Art & Design, Illustration

Year Group Specific

Happy to work with any age group

About the artist / group

Gallery of previous workshops can be found at:

Workshops ready to deliver
  • How the workshop links to the curriculum: can include current topics covered by the school curriculum
  • Duration: flexible
  • Group size they can be delivered to: flexible
  • Size of room required: adequate for the size of group
  • Any facilities required: classroom environment/outdoors depending on activity, can be discussed beforehand
DBS & Insurance details

DBS applied for & will obtain PLI when required


Every term- time Monday to Friday

Do you work to commission or collaborate with schools on bespoke workshops:

I can work to commission or collaborate with schools to provide what they need.


Available on request


Testimonials/references from previous schools.